Sponsor a School, Home School, Church, or Individual

Sponsor a School, Home School, Church, or Individual

Because of its direct connection to the events of the American Revolution, the Aitken Bible is being given as a teaching tool to the History Departments of schools across the country. Your donation allows us to continue to gift Aitken Bibles and lesson plans to teachers instructing students about the American Revolution in elementary, middle, and high school.


While any donation amount will support the effort, the total cost to sponsor a school to receive the Aitken Bible is $100. (For comparison, the Aitken Bible can be purchased on Amazon for around $300. or eBay for around $500.) Our cost of $100. includes the printing, packing, and shipping of the Aitken Bible to the school.


We can choose the school, or you can choose the school. Donors may name a specific school—or home school, church, or individual—by using the "Add a note" box on the donation page, speaking to a representative by phone, or writing the name on the memo line of their check.


Thank you for your donation. Your giving allows us to serve those who need the Bible in a place it never should have left. You make it possible to put the Bible back in school.


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