The Foundation, the Five Ws, and the H


The Aitken Bible Historical Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We manage the First American Bible Project, which promotes historic preservation through education. The Foundation prints authentic reproductions of the Aitken Bible, a primary source of the American Revolution. These Bibles are donated to History Departments at primary and secondary schools to aid in the teaching of the American Revolution per state academic standards for Social Studies. Inside the classrooms, our Aitken Bibles and lesson plans connect to the teaching of the American Revolution. Financial donations support the purpose of putting these Bibles in schools. All donations to the Foundation are tax deductible as allowed by law. See Education section.


The Aitken Bible is a King James Version of the Bible that is historically important. Historians refer to it as "The Bible of the American Revolution." As a primary source of the American Revolution, this one Bible claims three remarkable titles: 1) the only Bible approved by the United States Congress, 2) the only Bible recommended to Americans by our Founders, and subsequently, 3) the first English Bible made in America (Journals of Congress, September 12, 1782). The relevant records from the Journals of Congress are included in the Aitken Bibles we are publishing. See History section.


Any time is a good time to donate an Aitken Bible to a school. That being said, we will distribute most Bibles to schools during the school year. We know educators will find the Aitken Bible to be of most service when it is most needed, while teaching students about the American Revolution. Nevertheless, whenever a request comes from a school, home school, church, or individual, we will be pleased to meet the need according to their schedule. See Donate section.


We donate Aitken Bibles to elementary, middle, and high schools. Within each school, the Bible is intended for the History Department to aid in the teaching of the American Revolution. Along with the Aitken Bible, we equip educators in the classroom with lesson plans that connect the Aitken Bible to the teaching of the American Revolution. In addition to History Departments, other areas may receive the Aitken Bible, including English Departments, Bible-as-History courses, and Bible-as-literature courses. We also donate the Aitken Bible to home schools, churches, and individuals. See Education section.


Our program furthers historic preservation through education. As a primary source of the American Revolution, the Aitken Bible provides an object lesson for five topics included in the state academic standards for Social Studies regarding the American Revolution. These five topics are already being taught about the Revolution. Thus, educators do not need to change their curriculum. The five topics are: Congress, culture, economics, embargo, and immigration. As an artifact of the American Revolution, the Aitken Bible helps make these five concepts more concrete. The Aitken Bible is used only to illustrate these secular concepts. See Education section.


We can choose the school, or you can choose the school. Either way, elementary, middle, and high schools can all receive the Aitken Bible and lesson plans into their History Departments. While any donation amount will support the effort, the total cost to sponsor a school to receive the Aitken Bible is $100. (For comparison, the Aitken Bible can be purchased on Amazon for around $300. or eBay for around $500.) Our cost of $100. includes the printing, packing, and shipping of the Aitken Bible to the school. Your giving allows us to serve those who need the Bible in a place it never should have left. You make it possible to put the Bible back in school. See Donate section.