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The Bible of the American Revolution

The Only Bible Approved by Congress

The Only Bible Recommended to Americans

The First English Bible Made in America

How the Bible is Going Back Into the Classroom

As a primary source of the American Revolution, the Aitken Bible connects to topics regarding the Revolutionary War. As educators teach about the Revolutionary War era, the Aitken Bible provides illustrations for topics addressed in state academic standards for Social Studies regarding the American Revolution.


Just as an educator who is teaching about the Declaration of Independence might use a poster of the Declaration to make a concept more concrete, an educator who is teaching about the American Revolution can use the Aitken Bible to make certain topics more tangible for their students.

Why the Courts Support the Bible in School

The courts have given educators clear guidelines concerning the use of the Bible in school. In Abington School District v. Schempp (1963), the Supreme Court ruled the Bible may be used in academic curriculum, provided the use is not a part of religious worship but rather a part of a secular program of education.


Concerning the use of the Aitken Bible in school, our position is that the Aitken Bible illustrates five topics addressed in state academic standards for Social Studies regarding the American Revolution. The five topics which the Aitken Bible illustrates are: Congress, culture, economics, embargo, and immigration. Accordingly, our use of the Aitken Bible in school is secular.

"For the Use of Schools"

In the first letter Robert Aitken wrote to Congress, he named the place his Bible should be used. During that era, among the most common places for a Bible, the first might have been a church, the second might have been a home, and the third might have been a hospital. However, Aitken did not name any of these locations.


Rather, in designating only one place for his Bible, Aitken told our Founders his Bible should be used in schools. In his letter to Congress dated January 21, 1781, Aitken wrote, “... your Memorialist begs leave to, inform your Honours That he both begun and made considerable progress in a neat Edition of the Holy Scriptures for the use of schools….” Thus, the intention first stated to our Founding Fathers will be fulfilled in our time.

Put the Bible Back in School


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Because of its direct connection to the events of the American Revolution, the Aitken Bible is being given as a teaching tool to the History Departments of schools across the country. Your donation allows us to continue to gift Aitken Bibles and lesson plans to teachers instructing students about the American Revolution in elementary, middle, and high school.


Thank you for your donation. Your giving allows us to serve those who need the Bible in a place it never should have left. You make it possible to put the Bible back in school.


Teacher Testimonials

The Aitken Bible is a forgotten piece of history that is extremely useful when teaching the American Revolution to students. This valuable primary source document connects students to the plight of the patriots during Revolutionary times.
Elementary School Educator
Teaching the story of Robert Aitken is a fascinating hidden gem of early American History. Aitken’s story allows the integration of immigration, economics, boycotts, Congress, and culture into the fabric of the Revolutionary, Confederation, and early Constitutional periods of our country’s history.
Middle School Educator
The study of Robert Aitken and his part in publishing the only Bible recommended by Congress gives High School students insight into the attitudes, arts, industry, economics, and values of Revolutionary times.
High School Educator
My students are captivated by the idea that something as readily available to them as a Bible would be part of a British embargo. They feel pride in the American ingenuity shown by Robert Aitken and his decision to approach Congress and petition them for the opportunity to print his Bible.
Elementary School Educator
The work of Robert Aitken to publish the Aitken Bible is a forgotten piece of history that is used to focus the students' attention on the role of a simple man who rose from a humble beginning as a struggling bookseller in Scotland and became the American Dream by bringing his family here to create a better life for all of them.
Middle School Educator
The use of the Aitken Bible as an example that enhances the teaching of the topics is seamless. Because the American Revolution is covered by the standards, the Aitken Bible simply plugs into the program we are following. It is very helpful as a learning tool for students.
High School Educator
The Aitken Bible is a teaching tool that can be used to launch meaningful discussions about the economic, religious, and political freedoms our forefathers sought.
Elementary School Educator
The story of Robert Aitken, a common man among giants such as John Adams and George Washington, gives hope to students that they too can make a difference in whatever circumstances they may find themselves.
Middle School Educator
In a way, 'The Bible of the American Revolution' helps bring aspects of the American Revolution to life. It certainly makes an impression when a student holds a piece of history in their hands.
High School Educator